21 Idol Sports Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Lesson learned, never ever play soccer with idols!

We’ve all seen our idols bust out the moves on stage, but it’s a whole new ball game when it comes to sports. Some idols have amazing athletic skills, others not so much. And these sports fails show just how relatable your favorite idols can be!


1. When GOT7’s Jackson thought the wall was the target

At least he was happy with the results!


2. When NCT’s Winwin really wasn’t winning at soccer

Poor Winwin just wanted to play a friendly game of soccer and then this happened.


3. When former TEEN TOP member L.Joe did a dance with the dirt

When the long jump turned into a sort of dance off.


4. When former After School member Lizzy decided jumping was just too hard

Because high jumps are just too high. We feel you, Lizzy!


5. When B1A4’s Sandeul failed but won at the same time

Okay, so Sandeul did knock the bar off but he also caught it. We think that’s pretty much a win right there!


6. When IMFACT’s Jeup ran and rolled

This one could have been a lot worse but Jeup was quick on his feet and managed to roll back to his feet!


7. When Girls’ Generation Taeyeon slid into first

So not really first, but she did slide…a lot!


8. When Jessica Jung played the bounciest game of darts around

Aren’t you always envious of the people who can play darts really well? Meanwhile, you end up playing like Jessica!


9. Hello Venus Yoo Ara said “nope” to the high jump

Yoo Ara just wasn’t feeling it!


10. When TEEN TOP’s Ricky was literally this close to success

We’ve replayed this a thousand times and he was so close it hurts!


11. B.A.P’s muddy game of soccer

At least now we know mud doesn’t really mix with soccer very well!


12. When CNBLUE’s Jonghyun felt good about his high jump

Just because he didn’t succeed doesn’t mean he shouldn’t feel great about his jump!


13. When GOT7’s Jackson split his pants while bowling

And then Yugyeom couldn’t stop laughing at him.


14. When Red Velvet’s Seulgi got a little too good at target practice

Seulgi took aim and fired right at Kang Ho Dong‘s head!


15. When NCT’s Jaehyun wasn’t even part of the game and still got hurt

He was totally minding his own business when the ball caught him in the worst place ever.


16. When NCT’s Jaehyun got taken down while playing soccer

Jaehyun didn’t have any more luck playing soccer!


17. When GOT7’s Jinyoung went into power down mode while limboing

How low can you go?


18. Im Siwan’s catch and put back

Siwan was able to catch the pole and even put it back for the next jumper!


19. When GOT7’s Yugyeom had a bad day at soccer

Maybe idols should just avoid playing soccer altogether.


20. When TWICE’s Momo kicked with all her strength…

And ended up hitting Defconn‘s hand instead of the board!


21. When Super Junior’s Shindong was all of us

Yeah, no we wouldn’t feel like running either!