21 Photos of Korea’s Hottest Lingerie Model

These are 21 photos you won’t want to miss.

Lingerie fitting model Haneul Lee, has recently made a name for herself after going viral with her cute face and sexy photoshoots. Check out what’s got Korea going gaga for her!

1. Her cute face & hairband paired with her gorgeous body

2. She looks like an angel fallen from heaven

3. She looks stunning even while rocking a “staying in” outfit

4. Black lace & red bows are a devastating combo

5. Everyone deserves a cute date for Christmas

6. …And on Valentine’s Day too

7. She looks like a blushing bride in white

8. What better way to celebrate Easter?

9. She looks good modeling with Gundams

10. She’s just as gorgeous covered up

11. She’s literally a goddess

12. She’s not afraid to be sexy in the Fall too

13. …Or at the fair either

14. She’s literally #WifeyGoals

15. She knows how to take the perfect selfie

16. She knows how to use a drill safely. Check out those gloves!

17. She knows how to cool herself off during Korea’s humid summers

18. She knows how to make lingerie look classy

19. She looks amazing even while reading

20. She knows how to appreciate a good book

21. But it’s mostly because, well, she’s an entire snack