21 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Showed Off Her Perfect Body Line

WARNING: This human is too gorgeous for this planet.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the total package. She’s talented, funny, smart, and has an enviable physique with legs for days! Here are 20+ times Lisa slayed BLINK with her killer figure.


1. When she wore these glittery boots for a music show stage


2. When her performance of “Forever Young” turned fans into forever stans


3. When her charisma was just too much to handle


4. When her “DDU-DU DDU-DU” dance made hearts ba-dump ba-dump at 2018 MMA


5. When she stopped hearts with this shimmering stage outfit


6. When she “played with fire”…and the hearts of millions


7. When she made this black corset look like it was made for her


8. When she rocked this school punk look


9. When she danced as if it was her last


10. When she literally just stood there…


11. …then didn’t.


12. When she brought her top dancer skills to BLACKPINK’s opening performance


13. When black and pink never looked better


14. When she went full Vogue model for this photo shoot


15. When she showed off her slim waist in this crop top


16. When she looked 200% too sexy in these fishnets

17. When this dance move showed off all her beautiful curves

18. When she wore this unique blue and white outfit on stage


19. When she brought the summer heat to this concert


20. Every time she stole the show with her incredible stage presence


21. When she made Sprite the new BLINK beverage of choice