22 Of BTS Jin’s Most Savage Post-It Notes To Fans

These written messages revealed his sassy side at fan signs.

At fan signs, fans use post-it notes to ask BTS‘s members questions. For years, Jin has replied to ARMYs with sass and brutal honesty. These are 22 of his most hilariously savage post-its ever!

1. Unique, but not memorable

2. Rejection hurts

3. Not his type

4. Also not his type

5. No love for rhinos

6. He accepts cash, credit, and moons

7. Confidence level: Jin

8. Request denied

9. Someone’s hungry…for love?

10. Love letter

11. This confusing Q&A

12. Jin doesn’t live here anymore

13. The world’s most expensive groom

14. No appreciation for Chef Jin

15. How about an “A” for effort instead?

16. Seokjin School

17. A genius at aegyo math

18. Okay, but which Pokemon?

19. The taste of hell

20. You can see the purity in his eyes

21. Food makes everything better.

22. A PhD in Rebellion