22 Gifs Of BTS’s Jungkook Being The Cutest Human Being To Ever Exist

To help you fall more in love with him!

Not all maknaes are known for being naturally cute, but BTS‘s Jungkook can’t relate! Jungkook has shown time and time again that he’s absurdly cute—so cute that he could, quite possibly, be the cutest human being on earth!

To prove it, we’ve compiled over 20 gifs of Jungkook being absolutely adorable. You’ll fall in love with him by the end of it if you haven’t already!

1. When he hit the slate


2. When he sat on top of a couch


3. When he placed his feet on Jin’s foot


4. When he expressed his love in a very…unique way


5. When he raised his arms while jumping


6. When he was sassy


7. When he had pigtails


8. When he looked like a bunny


9. When he laughed like a bunny


10. When he played with a bunny hat


11. When he glared at the camera


12. When he looked dazed with happiness


13. When he gave the faintest smile after making eye contact


14. When he received all of ARMYs’ love


15. When he smiled with wide eyes


16. When he offered ARMYs flowers


17. When he danced to Sam Smith’s song


18. When he imitated a chicken


19. When he followed ARMYs’ requests


20. When he wanted chicken


21. When he danced excitedly


22. When he did a heart pose until the very end


Source: Nate