These 22 K-Pop Songs Have Spanish Titles

¿Tú hablas español?

With the rise of Latin influence on K-Pop, here are some songs that actually have Spanish titles!

1. B.A.P – “Chiquita”

Chiquita means little girl.

2. CocoSori – “Mi Amor”

Mi Amor means my love.

3. EXO – “El Dorado”

El Dorado refers to a mythical city of gold in South America. It can mean “the golden”

4. f(x) – “Papi”

Papi means daddy in Spanish.

5. Fiestar – “Vista”

In Spanish, vista means view.

6. Gain – “Esperando”

Esperando means waiting in Spanish.

7. GFRIEND – “Ave Maria”

Ave Maria translates to “Virgin Mary’s power” in Spanish.

8. GFRIEND – “Me Gustas Tu”

Me gustas tu is a phrase that means “I like you” in Spanish.

9. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – “Europa”

Although Girls’ Generation is referencing Jupiter’s moon in this song (since the moon’s name is Europa), Europa actually translates to “Europe” in Spanish.

10. KARD – “Dimelo”

In Spanish, dimelo means “tell me.”

11. KARD – “Hola Hola”

Hola means hello, so the English equivalent would be “Hello Hello”!

12. Lee Hyori x Jiyoung – “Amor Mio”

Amor mio means “my love” in Spanish.

13. SHINee – “A. Mi. Go”

Amigo is Spanish means “friend.”

14. SHINee – “Señorita”

Senorita in Spanish is a title used to address an unmarried woman; the Spanish version of Miss.

15. Super Junior x Leslie Grade – “Lo Siento”

Lo siento can have to meanings: “I’m sorry” or “I feel it.”

16. Super Junior x Reik – “Otra Vez”

Otra vez translates to “one more time” in English.

17. Super Junior – “Mamacita”

Mamacita in English means “little mama.”

18. Switch – “Fiesta Loca”

Fiesta Loca means “crazy party” in Spanish.

19. Taecyeon – “Traición”

Traicion means “betrayal” in Spanish.

20. (G)I-DLE – “Señorita”

Just like SHINee’s song, Senorita can mean miss or a young lady in Spanish.

21. U-Kiss – “Te Amo”

Te amo means “I love you” in Spanish.

22. VAV – “Señorita”

The third “Senorita” on our list! I think we all know what this means by now.