22 Times BTS’s Jin And V Shared The Cutest “Taejin” Moments, According To Twitter Users

Guaranteed to make you smile!

Fans love Jin, and they love V. Put the two BTS members together and we have a combination that makes our hearts race! They prove time and time again that their chemistry is undeniable.

Earlier today, ARMYs caught a glimpse of their unbeatable chemistry during a live performance of “Spring Day”.

Twitter users were quick to trend “taejin” worldwide, and what ensued was a boat load of other glorious taejin moments.

Check them out below!

1. When V pulled Jin close during a performance of “Spring Day”

2. When they acted like a married couple

3. When they were both proactive

4. When the other members were third-wheelers

5. When they wore matching clothes

6. When jikook competed for the title of “Best Couple”

7. When they almost kissed

8. When V showered Jin with his love

9. When V was Jin’s photographer

10. When they stared intensely at each other

11. When V put his arm over Jin’s shoulders

12. When V couldn’t help but smile at Jin

13. When they stood next to each other

14. When their chemistry was hot and palpable

15. When their relationship lasted years

16. When they made each other laugh

17. When they took adorable selfies

18. When they matched clothes

19. When V looked at Jin with love in his eyes

20. When they laid next to each other

21. When they modeled for Fila

22. When they were each other’s chairs

Source: Twitter