22 Times TWICE’s Jihyo Was So Cute We’d Save The World For Her

#5 is both adorable AND funny ❤️

We all know TWICE‘s Jihyo is absolutely adorable when she does aegyo, but she’s also cute without even trying! She could just be sending out heart fingers or judging another person, and we’d still be so inspired that we’d save the world for her if we needed to. Read on to see 22 times Jihyo was irresistably cute!

1. When she had this adorable ending pose

2. When she waved energetically

3. When she nodded while pursing her lips

4. When she didn’t hold back her laugh

5. When she looked disgusted

6. When she sent hearts with her fingers

7. When she pointed to herself disbelievingly…then proceeded to do aegyo

8. When she blew her hair away from her face

9. When she bit on a marshmallow

10. When she pouted as she held her hands together

11. When she winked and did a hand gun gesture

12. When she giggled prettily

13. When she sang beautifully

14. When she clapped proudly

15. When she patted her chest while closing her eyes

16. When she pouted cutely

17. When she framed her face with a check mark

18. When she did multiple aegyo in one go

19. When she cheered out loud

20. When she wore bunny ears

21. When she was ONCEs’ favorite star

22. When she laughed out loud

Source: theqoo