22 Of TWICE’s Most Stunning Gowns That Will Make You Wish They Were Yours

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TWICE has worn many beautiful clothes throughout the years, but some have left a more lasting impression than others. From short to long, white to colorful, and lace to silk, the girls looked absolutely amazing! Here are 20 beautiful gowns TWICE has blessed our eyes by wearing!

1. Sana’s ombré glitter gown

2. Chaeyoung’s white, tulle gown

3. Jihyo’s pink gown adorned with pearls

4. Mina’s sequined strapless gown

5. Jeongyeon’s high neck, crepe gown

6. Nayeon’s floral gown

7. Tzuyu’s white halter gown

8. Momo’s black lace gown

9. Dahyun’s long-sleeved white gown

10. Sana’s off-shoulder gown

11. Chaeyoung’s rose slip gown

12. Mina’s white ball gown

13. Tzuyu’s black tube gown

14. Jeongyeon’s sheer red gown

15. Momo’s white off-shoulder gown

16. Dahyun’s red ruffle gown

17. Mina’s white A-line gown

18. Nayeon’s embellished gown

19. Jeongyeon’s flowy blue gown

20. Mina’s pink tube gown

21. Jeongyeon’s pink tie gown

22. Jihyo’s lacy white gown