Here Are All 23 Acts On The Lineup For Christmas Day’s SBS Gayo Daejeon 2020

And some group’s setlists have already been revealed!

It’s almost Christmas day, and that means one thing for K-Pop fans: SBS Gayo Daejeon is coming. In order to conform to the government’s latest COVID-19 restrictions, all the stages for SBS Gayo Daejeon are being pre-recorded in Daegu—which means some setlists have already been leaked. Here’s the full lineup of all 23 acts performing on December 25.

1. BTS

“Dynamite” and “Life Goes On” are sure to be on the SBS Gayo setlist, but BTS could slip in an old track too like they did with “I Need U” at last week’s KBS Gayo.

| Big Hit Entertainment


TWICE performed “More & More” and “I Can’t Stop Me” at KBS Gayo, but new track “Cry For Me” could join the setlist for SBS Gayo too.

| JYP Entertainment


SEVENTEEN were unable to perform at last week’s KBS Gayo due to COVID-19 testing delays, so fans are excited to see them take to the stage this week.

| Pledis Entertainment

4. GOT7

Since “Last Piece” is GOT7’s most recent release, it’s sure to make an appearance at SBS Gayo. However, at KBS Gayo last week, they also performed past track “Out”, so who knows what they have in store next.

| JYP Entertainment


Will MONSTA X perform another recent title alongside “Love Killa” at SBS Gayo, or will they pull something unexpected out of the bag?

| Starship Entertainment


Reports from MAMAMOO’s pre-recording have already surfaced, and it seems like they’ll be performing “AYA” and “Dingga” together. Hwasa will also be performing her solo song, “Maria”.



Surprisingly, ITZY forewent their most recent title track, “Not Shy”, at last week’s KBS Gayo in favor of hit track “Wannabe”. Which will they perform tomorrow?

| JYP Entertainment

8. TXT

Fans are hoping to see TXT pull out another dance break or remixed version of “Blue Hour” at SBS Gayo this week, as well as a special stage to rival their TVXQ “Hug” performance.

| Big Hit Entertainment

9. (G)I-DLE

“DUMDi DUMDi” is (G)I-DLE’s most recent release, but it seems they’re putting the summer hit on the backburner this winter season in favor of the darker “Oh My God”.

| Cube Entertainment

10. IZ*ONE

Four members of IZ*ONE all had special stages at last week’s KBS Gayo, so fans are hoping for more unexpected performances alongside “Panorama”.

| Off The Record

11. Stray Kids

“God’s Menu”, “Back Door”, and “All In” are all strong contenders for Stray Kids’s SBS Gayo performance.

| JYP Entertainment

12. aespa

So far, aespa only have one song to their name: “Black Mamba”. Of course, it’s possible they could pad out their performance with a cover song or special stage too.

| SM Entertainment


Will ENHYPEN stick to “Given-Taken” for their SBS Gayo performance, or will they add new single “Let Me In (20 CUBE)” to the mix too?



According to reports from the group’s prerecording, TREASURE will be performing “Boy”, “I Love You”, and “MMM” at their first Gayo this week.

| YG Entertainment


“Inception” is sure to be part of ATEEZ’s setlist, but they may add their most recent single, “Thanxx”, to the mix too.

| KQ Entertainment


CRAVITY is one of the few rookie groups from 202 with two title tracks released so far (“Break All the Rules” and “Flame”), so it’s anyone’s guess which one will appear at their first Gayo performance.

17. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl’s smash hit “Nonstop” will certainly make an appearance at SBS Gayo, but there’s a good chance they’ll perform popular B-side “Dolphin” too.

| WM Entertainment


At KBS Gayo, GFRIEND performed “Apple”. Will they stick to the same thing at SBS Gayo, or will they swap “Apple” out for their most recent title track, “Mago”?

| Source Music

19. The Boyz

Since SBS Gayo airs on Christmas day, it’s very likely that The Boyz will be performing their new single, “Christmassy”.

| Cre.ker Entertainment

20. Jessi

Jessi is sure to perform “NUNU NANA” at SBS Gayo. The only question is whether she’ll recruit a fellow star to join her; at KBS Gayo, it was GOT7’s Jackson.

| Source Music

21. NU’EST

Judging by their KBS Gayo performance, expect to see NU’EST performing their 2020 single, “I’m in Trouble”.

| Pledis Entertainment


MOMOLAND will most likely perform their latest song, “Ready or Not”, at SBS Gayo, but they also have a special stage with their soon-to-debut junior group, T1419.

| MLD Entertainment


Last but not least, April will take to the stage too. Their most recent single, “Now or Never”, is summer-themed, so it’s possible they’ll opt to perform “LALALILALA” instead.

| DSP Media

April’s Naeun will also be joining SBS Gayo Daejeon as the show’s MC.

Source: @SBSNOW (Twitter)