The 23 Members Of NCT 2020 Reveal Their Secret Guilty Pleasures

From the common to the strange, NCT has all the bases covered.

Through NYLON magazine, the twenty-three members of NCT 2020 shared some of the guilty pleasures they’d been keeping under wraps. From emotional ones to one-of-a-kind food pairings, here are the secrets each member revealed.

1. Doyoung

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

At the start of each day, Doyoung can’t go without his cup of liquid energy. “Drinking decaf Americano to wake up.

2. Jaehyun

While chocolate and vanilla ice cream is the go-to flavor for many, Jaehyun is all for the other green flavor that’s not mint: “Pistachio ice cream.

3. Yuta

| yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

When Yuta has some private time, he lets the tears flow from those emotional drama scenes that always chokes someone up. “Watching a sad drama alone at night and crying.

4. Renjun

Something about the aroma of spices has Renjun sneaking into their kitchen for a satisfying sniff. “I like the smell of the sauce bar in the kitchen.

5. Jaemin

Since Jaemin is always documenting their memories with photographs, he relaxes by tweaking them. “Turn on some really moody music to set the atmosphere, then proceed to edit photos on my phone.

6. Taeil

All Taeil needs is a cup of ice water, without the water and cup: “Eating ice from the freezer like a snack.

7. Jungwoo

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

While people with abs usually stay away from eating late, the secret to Jungwoo’s abs is the opposite: “Eating a late-night meal a couple hours after dinner.

8. Haechan

Haechan is just like everyone else when it comes to watching all the episodes in one single sitting, “Binge-watch Netflix shows on my computer while eating a late-night meal in my room.”

9. Xiaojun

| 威神V_肖俊_XIAOJUN/Weibo

Xiaojun wants the types of foods that everyone should stay away from, making it that much more satisfying. “Eating a lot of fried and spicy foods.

10. Ten

| 1077power/Instagram

Ten can’t have bedtime without a good show or two, “I always watch dramas before bed no matter how early I have to get up the next morning.

11. Shotaro

Shotaro is a dancing machine even when he’s not on stage: “Dancing in the middle of the street when I hear good music.

12. Yangyang

| 威神V_扬扬_YANGYANG/Weibo

All Yangyang needs is sweets, “I always eat dessert after every meal. I can skip a meal but not dessert.

13. Johnny

| 1077power/Instagram

What keeps Johnny up all night? Hours of gaming. “Staying up all night and playing games till morning.

14. Chenle

Whenever Chenle is ready to dig into some food, he can’t do so without his trusty tissue. “I tend to sweat a lot when I’m eating, so I use a lot of Kleenex.

15. Sungchan

While others debate on milk or cereal first, Sungchan is focused on making sure his cereal reaches the perfect softness. “Eating super-soggy cereal.

16. Mark

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

For Mark, snacking tastes even better after a certain time. “Eating late at night.

17. Lucas

| lucas_xx444/Instagram

Lucas’s guilty pleasure had many fans scratching their heads. Instead of saving a particular part of a burger for last, Lucas takes saving it to a whole different level: “I always leave the last bite of my burger.

18. Taeyong

| 채널 NCT DAILY/YouTube

There’s no better way for Taeyong to relax than watching over his sea creature friends. “I like to watch my pet snail and crawfish play in the tank.

19. Kun

| kun11xd/Instagram

As if snacking late at night wasn’t enough of a treat, it became more satisfying for Kun when  “eating late-night snacks while dieting.

20. Jeno

Jeno brought new meaning to those who wanted “all the candy,” putting a bunch together for the ultimate sweet and sour taste. “Buying four different kinds of sweet and sour flavored candy and eating them all at once.

21. Winwin

Like many of the NCT members, Winwin enjoyed eating late at night with a twist. “Eating late at night until I’m super full.

22. Hendery

| 威神V_黄冠亨_HENDERY/Weibo

Hendery takes the crown from Chenle to reign as the King Of Tissues. “I like to have all kinds of tissues and wipes in my room (Kleenex, a large pack of wet wipes, travel pack wet wipes, alcohol wipes, etc.).

23. Jisung

As soon as Jisung’s off stage, he’s already picturing what future stages will look like. “I like to imagine the kind of stages I want to perform—and imagine those that make me look really good.

Source: NYLON