All 23 NCT Members Have Their Own Designated Emojis—Here’s The Explanation Behind Each One

From 🌹 to 🐙 to 🍑.

SM Entertainment recently released a Twitter ad confirming the designated emojis of every NCT member. But what do they all mean? Here’s a simple guide.


Taeyong’s emoji is a rose: 🌹.

Why? Because he has a rose-like scar next to his right eye.


Taeil’s emoji is a full moon: 🌕.

Why? Because his surname is Moon.


Johnny’s emoji is a cat face: 🐱.

Why? Because in one live broadcast, he told fans he resembles a cat.


Yuta’s emoji is an octopus: 🐙.

Why? Because his nickname is “Takoyaki Prince”. Takoyaki is a Japanese snack made from battered octopus.


Kun’s emoji is a bear face: 🐻.

Why? Because fans think he’s soft and warm like a teddy bear.


Doyoung’s emoji is a rabbit face: 🐰.

Why? Because his nickname has always been “Bunny”.


Like Johnny, Ten’s emoji is also a cat face: 🐱.

Why? Because despite being a dog person, he’s undeniably cat-like to fans.


Jaehyun’s emoji is a peach: 🍑.

Why? Because of his peachy-soft complexion.


Winwin’s emoji is a chick: 🐥.

Why? Because fans see him as small, gentle and fluffy.


Jungwoo’s emoji is a dog face: 🐶.

Why? Because he loves the canine character Snoopy, and it soon became his nickname.


Lucas’s emoji is a lion face: 🦁.

Why? Because Lucas has a lion tattoo.


Mark’s emoji is a leopard or cheetah: 🐆.

Why? Because fans think he has the charm of a baby cheetah.


Xiaojun’s emoji is a sauropod dinosaur: 🦕.

Why? Because his members gave him the nickname “Dinosaur”.


Hendery’s emoji is a horse face: 🐴.

Why? Because Ten affectionately refers to him as “Donkey”.


Renjun’s emoji is a fox face: 🦊.

Why? Because fans think he has the visuals and the cunning mind of a fox.


Like Jungwoo, Jeno’s emoji is also a dog face: 🐶.

Why? Because fans think he’s like a combination of two dog breeds: a Samoyed and a Doberman.


Like Kun, Haechan’s emoji is also a bear face: 🐻.

Why? Because fans think he’s warm and cuddly like a bear. He also has a collection of bear keychains.


Like Doyoung, Jaemin’s emoji is also a rabbit face: 🐰.

Why? Because he likes to make voiceover videos playing Snowball the rabbit from The Secret Life of Pets.


Yangyang’s emoji is a sheep: 🐑.

Why? Because “yang” is the Korean and Chinese word for “sheep”.


Shotaro’s emoji is an otter: 🦦.

Why? Since Shotaro is a new member, fans aren’t 100% sure, but they think it’s because he looks like a baby sea otter.


Sungchan’s emoji is a deer: 🦌.

Why? Again, fans aren’t completely clear on why, but Sungchan’s fans have been calling themselves “Bambi” for a while now.


Chenle’s emoji is a dolphin: 🐬.

Why? Because fans think his laugh sounds like the sound dolphins make.


Jisung’s emoji is a hamster face: 🐹.

Why? Because he has adorable chubby cheeks like a hamster.