23 Things You Didn’t Know About I-LAND’s 23 Trainees

These fun facts will help you to get to know the applicants.

On June 26, 23 fresh faces will officially say hello to the public through I-LAND, a new K-Pop survival show. Not much is known about the applicants yet, but they are revealing more about themselves, including their MBTI results, every day. Here is a fun fact about each trainee to help you get to know him better!

1. Sunghoon

Prior to joining the show, he was a professional figure skater…

…and his skating photos radiate idol energy! See more of them here.

2. Heesung

This trainee is as handsome as it gets, but fans can’t get over his glow-up!

These photos show how much Heesung’s visuals blossomed between his childhood and late teens.

3. Jake

Jake is one of the show’s international applicants, from Australia.

Here he is, pre-I-LAND, enjoying ice cream with friends.

He also looks fantastic in glasses!

4. Sunwoo

In school, Sunwoo received many love letters from his classmates, and he was given nicknames that matched his classroom number and visuals. He revealed several of these nicknames in his TMI, including  “3rd Semester Class 5 Handsome Oppa”.

5. Daniel

His role model is Block B‘s Zico, who also happens to be I-LAND‘s “genius producer”.

6. K

K‘s MBTI personality profile is ENFP. ENFP people are known for being enthusiastic, charismatic, charming, energetic, independent, and creative.

7. Hanbin

His favorite character is Aladdin and he enjoys eating samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly).

8. Kyungmin

Once the show begins, fans are certain to give the applicants nicknames. Kyungmin wants his to be…


9. Jay

In his profile, Jay revealed that his most prized possession is a watch given to him by his father.

10. Geonu

If Geonu were to be the main character in a movie, he says it would be Katniss from The Hunger Games. He has also released several predebut dance covers to song by BTSNCT, and more.

11. Jungwon

Jungwon‘s role model is Jungkook from BTS. At age 16, he is just one year older than Jungkook was when he debuted!

12. EJ

As a child, EJ tried fencing. Perhaps one day he will be as famous as another fencer-turned-idol, GOT7‘s Jackson!

13. Ta-ki

If he could only listen to one song for the rest of his life, it would be BTS’s “Blood, Sweat & Tears”.

14. Jimin

If Jimin were a wizard, he said that he would use his magic powers to make money.

15. Jaebeom

He is believed to be close friends with a former survival show contestant: Kim Dong Bin from Produce 101. 

The two can be seen hanging out in this photo.

16. Nicholas

Like many of the show’s contestants, Nicolas had a before and after I-LAND glow up.

Check out his predebut photos!

17. Taeyong

He chose the song “The Dream of a Freshwater Eel” by K.Will as the song that represents him best.

18. Yoonwon

Yoonwon was a part of a dance team in Daegu.

Predebut clips of his dancing have been shared by fans online.

19. Jaeho

Jaeho went to school with ITZY‘s Ryujin.

In fact, they were in the same class!

20. Seon

This seasoned trainee trained for four years and ten months! According to his MBTI profile (ENFJ) Seon is a Protagonist who is extraverted, intuitive, warm, and forthright. These personality types love to help others, and they are also creative, goal-orient achievers.

21. Youngbin

Like his fellow applicants, Youngbin looks up his industry seniors, including I-LAND‘s “Global Artist” producer, Rain.

22. Ni-ki

This 14-year-old trainee has high hopes for the future! By age 24, he wants to be on the Billboard stage.

23. Sungchul

His favorite flavor of ice cream is green tea.

For more, check out the trainees’ personality types.

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