23 Times BTS’s Jungkook Looked Drop Dead Gorgeous, In Celebration Of His 23rd Birthday

Happy birthday to our maknae!

Because it is BTS Jungkook‘s 23rd birthday today, what better way to celebrate than to appreciate him in all his glory? As such, here are 23 gifs of Jungkook being too handsome for his own good. Enjoy!

1. When he was still new to the K-Pop world

2. When he did a finger heart pose

3. When he lifted a finger

4. When he bowed respectfully

5. When he slowly looked up

6. When he broke into a grin

7. When he nodded his head

8. When he smiled sweetly

9. When he licked his lips

10. When he laughed

11. When he glanced up

12. When he made eye contact with the camera

13. When he blew a kiss

14. When the wind blew his hair

15. When he shrugged his shoulders

16. When he leaned to the side

17. When he stepped backwards

18. When he stared with his mouth agape

19. When he finished a performance

20. When he winked

21. When he removed his earpiece

22. When he was filmed sleeping

23. Finally, when he exhaled then winked

Happy birthday, Jungkook!


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