23 Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Flashed Her Rock-Hard Abs

Her abs deserve their own fanclub.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has some of the hottest, toned abs among female idols, and she doesn’t seem to mind showing them off for her adoring fans. Here are 20+ times Seulgi gifted ReVeluvs with her gorgeous, athletic figure!


1. When she wore this white crop top with bright red shorts


2. When she shook her hips in this unique skort


3. When she won hearts in this sparkling, all-black ensemble


4. When stole the stage in this bold, black and white outfit


5. When she revealed how toned her abs are, even from the side


6. When she flexed her muscles while swaying to the beat


7. When she proved that black is 100% her colour


8. When she showed fans that this athletic girl scout works out


9. When she induced heart attacks with this sexy move


10. When she struck this pose and emphasized her incredible body line


11. When she looked magnificent in yellow


12. When her abs lines stood out, even in a high-waisted skirt


13. When “13” became everyone’s favourite number


14. When she did this 180 twist


15. When she flawlessly pulled off the sexy-cute vibe


16. When she looked bright and summery in this picnic plaid


17.  When she drew all eyes to her perfect waist with this dance move


18. When this photographer perfectly captured the shape of her gorgeous “11 abs”


19. When she showed off her full-body flawlessness


20. When she pulled off this punk look


21. When she looked super pretty in pigtails


22. When she became the ultimate girl-crush during this badass performance


23. When she showed love to her precious ReVeluvs

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