24 Interactions Between BTS Members Only People With Siblings Will Understand

If you thought one sibling was bad, try having six!

1. When your sibling is uncool so you pretend not to know them.


2. When you’re trying to sleep, but they want to hang out.


3. When you were winning, but they make you lose the game.


4. When you fight for shotgun.


5. That moment when you realize you’re stuck with them for life.


6. When you have a “Who is the Worst Singer?” competition.


7. When your younger sibling keeps reminding you that you’re getting older.


8. When you try to pick on your “little” brother…


9. …then remember he’s bigger than you.


10. When your sibling wants to play, but you’re really not in the mood.


11. When they photobomb your selfies.


12. When you run like hell because you’re convinced they’re going to kill you.


13. When they do something wrong, but you get blamed for it.


14. When they go out of their way to embarrass you in public…


15. …and at school.


16. When they borrow your clothes without asking permission.


17. When they look better in those clothes than you do.


18. When you want to kill them, but have to act like you love them because you’re in public.

Jimin thought it would be a good idea to make fun of RM by imitating him. RM told the interviewer, “he’s trying to fight with me” then hugged Jimin while thinking up ways to make him pay for it later.


19. When they try to throw you under the bus…

J-Hope told the hosts that BTS’s workroom computer frequently gets viruses, and implied just what kind of videos RM watches on it.


20. …but you take them down with you.

RM took down the whole group by saying that he downloads the videos, but everyone else watches them.


21. When you post something online and your sibling shares it with the whole family.


22. When they try to convince you to sit next to your crush.


23. When they catch you taking selfies.


24. That moment when you realize no one will ever understand your weirdness like they do.