25 Best BLACKPINK Jennie Outfits To Celebrate Her 25th Birthday

Happy birthday, fashion icon!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is turning 25! Celebrating her birthday on January 16, the gorgeous main rapper of the group made her mark in the fashion industry from the moment she debuted.

As such, here are 25 of the best outfits Jennie rocked that deserve to be celebrated alongside her 25th birthday!


1. White corset fashion

2. Bodycon black dress

3. Girl-next-door checkered shirt

4. Purple knit sweater

5. Floral with a bow

6. Head-to-toe rock outfit


7. Off-shoulder velvet top

8. Leather-on-asymmetrical-leather

9. Refreshing green cropped top

10. Fancy with a huge necklace

11. Sweet little white dress

12. The iconic debut attire

13. Casual Paris fashion

14. I’m-A-Queen “Solo” top


15. “Kill This Love” denim

16. Pure halter-top dress

17. Chanel model through and through

18. Real-life Sailor Moon

19. Unbeatable airport fashion

20. Mint blue top with a matching bucket bag

21. Pink schoolgirl uniform

22. The highlight of Chanel

23. Viral bodycon dress

24. Red top, red bag, red queen

25. Classic cropped top-mini skirt combo

Who can deny that Jennie can pull of literally any outfit? Happy birthday, fashion icon!