25 Best BTS Tweets Of All Time, As Chosen By ARMY

@BTS_twt has amassed some epic tweets over the years.

These hilarious BTS tweets have entered A.R.M.Y‘s hall of fame!


1. “You smart. You loyal.”

This is one of many iconic videos from BTS’s dubsmash era.


2. “What’s up, Doc?”


3. “No no no no NO!”


4. “Mom. Mom. MOMMY!”

In this dubsmash, imitated Stewie from Family Guy.


5. Ice Cream and Cake Song


6. “No Jams”

When V did this dubsmash, he proved just how legendary RM’s quote is.


7. Jungkook weirdness.


8. More Jungkook weirdness!




10. Pikachu


11. “Arrived at home”

V supposedly took this selfie after arriving home from his first drunk night out!


12. “Arrived and going up”

Another photo from V’s drunk adventure.


13. “In the car”

V took this selfie with Jungkook on the same night. They had a blast!


14. “Good night, dream of me” – V

After that crazy night, V crashed in bed.


15. “Sleep well/goodnight to you too, Jimin” – V

Before he went to bed, V said goodnight to his Jimin plushie.


16. “Kiss”

V also kissed his Jungkook plushie goodnight!


17. “But I can read English :)” – Suga

One time, a fan tweeted “suga?? i can’t read korean” in reply to one of Suga‘s Korean tweets. In reply, he wrote, “but i can read english”.


18. First time with BTS?

Jungkook parodied RM’s opening line from “Dope”.


19. BTS’s hilarious comeback when a fan asked them to translate their tweets into English.


20.  #MinButtFell

Suga once tried to sit on a desk chair RM gave him but fell off it, landing on his behind. After BTS tweeted about it, the hashtag #MinButtFell trended worldwide.


21. Teamwork


22. That time Jungkook practically asked RM to beat him.

The maknae imitated his leader while J-Hope filmed it all!


23. That time V “walked” his members.

V posted this doodle photo of himself holding his members on leashes.


24. The aftermath

After V posted his leash doodle, his “dogs” came after him!


25. Red Glasses

When V accidentally posted this selfie with a red glasses filter, he immediately deleted it and even denied that the person in the photo was him! Fans, however, loved the photo and managed to save it just before he took it down.