These Are The 25 Best Official K-Pop Lightsticks, Chosen By Fans

Which one is your favorite?

Most popular K-Pop artists have come out with at least one version of an official lightstick, which are often designed really well, are unique to the artist and fandom, and can be used as a symbol of pride for loyal fans!

Recently, popular K-Pop polling website KingChoice had fans vote for which lightstick design they like the most, and thousands of people have voted on their favorites. These are the top 25 lightstick designs, based on the results of the poll, and if available, details of the creation and release of the lightsticks is given.

25. Stray Kids

The Stray Kids lightstick was revealed before their second tour, District 9: Unlock, in November 2019. It features a moving red and silver compass, and on the red part of the compass is the phrase “You make Stray Kids stay”, which is a nod to their fandom, Stays.

24. Super Junior

Super Junior’s lighstick features the group’s official color — sapphire blue — which is featured on the gem inside the top portion. It also has the initials for the group name inside as well.


SEVENTEEN’s official lightstick was revealed in February 2017, and release a week later at their Seventeen in Caratland fanmeeting. It’s called the “Carat Bong” after their fandom, CARATs, and features their official colors, rose quartz and serenity. It can also be customized with a mini keyring set that looks like diamonds.

22. SF9

SF9 announced their official lightstick on their second anniversary, in October 2018. They announced their official color, “Fantasia Hologram”, the same day, which the crystal on the lightstick is colored. The name of the lightstick is “Jigu Bong”, which translates to “Earth Rod”.


Even though CRAVITY is a new group, they already have a cool lightstick released to their fandom! It’s sleek and silver, with some blue accent coloring inside along with a “C” to represent their name.


This is GFRIEND’s second version of their lightstick, which was released in May of 2019 during their 2019 Asia Tour [GO GO GFRIEND!]. It’s called the “Glass Marble Stick”, and looks just like a glass marble with a “G” inside to symbolize their name.

19. N.Flying

N.Flying’s lightstick is both unique and classy, with a sleek white design but featuring an unusual but cute character inside of the top portion of the lightstick. The initials “NF” on the want portion signify their name.


TWICE’s “candy bong” first version was first released in October 2016 at a pop-up store in Seoul, where it was exclusively available. The design is based on their song “Candy Boy”, and it comes with a stand that allows it to be used as a mood light as well. When connected to the app, the light’s brightness and colors can change, and it can even be used to notify you of SMS messages.


MONSTA X’s second lightstick design is chic and elegant, with a charcoal-colored handle and a white design inside of the top portion that shows both the “M” and “X” portions of the group’s name.

16. NCT

NCT’s lightstick was first revealed during their NCT 2018 Fan Party fan meeting in May 2018, and released later in the month. It features the name of the group on the four-sided top, and emits a green light.

15. iKON

iKON’s lightstick is incredibly unique in its design, since it looks like a baseball bat! The logo of the group is on the upper portion of the orange-colored bat, and it’s called the “iKONBAT”.

14. DAY6

DAY6’s official fan light is unique in that it’s not a lightstick, but a light band. It looks like a watch, but instead of a clock face, it has a central piece that lights up. It was released in June of 2018.


BLACKPINK’s official lightstick was first teased on YG Entertainment‘s CEO’s Instagram in May 2018. It was designed by the members of BLACKPINK themselves, made to look like a hammer made with heart shapes. It can squeak, although that feature can be turned off, and it’s also unique in that it can react to external sources of music.

12. WAYV

The design of WAYV’s lightstick is meant to look like the “V” in their name, with a bright white and neon green coloring that’s not that dissimilar to NCT’s lightstick colors as well.



The INFINITE lightstick is designed to look like a speaker, with the group’s “infinity” logo on the top portion as well as the handle, and their name lower down on the handle as well.

10. Ong Seongwoo

Ong Seongwoo’s lightstick is simple and elegant, with a sleek black handle, a clear bubble top, and his initials inside of the top portion.


UNIQ’s lightstick is fun and unique, shaped like a unicorn with a pretty purple color!

8. SHINee

SHINee’s lightstick has long been iconic, with a pretty teal diamond top that is similar to their official logo.

7. Jung Yonghwa

Jung Yonghwa’s lightstick has a simple black and gold handle, but the inside design of the top portion is unique and intricate, with a white, detailed cube that contains his initials on one corner.


BIGBANG was actually the group that is credited with creating the first “official” lightstick! Their design features a crown made to symbolize their fans, VIPs, and though it’s been through a couple design changes, that aspect has stayed the same.

5. EXO

EXO’s third official lightstick is simple, but still pretty and symbolic of the group! It features a white handle and a top that shows their name, which can glow an assortment of colors.

4. Kim Hyunjoong

Kim Hyunjoong’s official lightstick has a really fun, unique design made to look like an alien head! It also has an alien detail on the handle strap.


This version of ASTRO’s lightstick was released in July 2017, and like TWICE’s lightstick, it also comes with a cradle to allow it to be used as a mood light. Like most lightsticks, it has the ability to change any color of light and is controlled by an app.

2. BTS

This third version of BTS’s lightsticks was released in July 2018, and can be controlled both by an app as well as by a bluetooth connection at BTS’s concerts. It has a similar design to the previous lightsticks, with the iconic bomb shape, apart from a few small details.

1. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel’s official lightstick was revealed in November 2019, and the promotional posters read: “The light stick was created so it can be as simple as it could be and could contain the unique colors like blank white piece of paper that can be filled up with anything.” It was available for fans to purchase during his Color on Seoul fan meetings in that same month, and features the singer’s initials in the simple yet elegant design.

Source: KingChoice
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