25+ Best Netizen Reactions To Heechul And Momo’s Dating News

Netizens had a lot to say!

Heechul and Momo recently announced that they are dating, and thousands of netizens shared their reactions online. Ranging from heartfelt messages to downright hilarious jokes, their reactions do not disappoint.

Here are 25+ of the best netizen reactions on Twitter!

1. Protective Fandoms


2. Lucky Bastards


3. Supportive Boyfriend


4. Stepmother To Heechul’s Child


5. Age Is Just A Number


6. Multi-Tasking Queen


7. Message To Future Boyfriend


8. Honest JYP


9. Supportive JYP


10. When The Tea Was Almost Spilled


11. The Real Age Gap


12. Gentleman Heechul


13. How To Get A Girlfriend


14. The Two Boyfriends


15. Everyone’s Free Game Now


16. Jealous Momo


17. Reaction To Unsupportive Fans


18. Mom Duties


19. Cold Hard Truth


20. Dating Momo And Proud Of It


21. Heechul’s Answer To Momo’s Question


22. Made For Each Other


23. Time To Date Jin


24. Born In 2000 But At Least He’s Legal


25. Pick Your Kind Of Boyfriend


26. Heechul Is Everything


27. Hodong’s Reaction IRL

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