25+ Fan Reactions After Watching BTS’s New Docu-Series ‘Break The Silence’

Who’s excited for this series?

On May 12, Weverse posted an announcement revealing that BTS‘s Break The Silence: Docu-Series Episodes 1 and 2 were now officially out on Weverse. This new series is about their journey together on the LOVE YOURSELF Tour in Asia.

After fans watched the first two episodes, ARMYs became a sea of tears as they were so proud of how far they had come as a group.

1. What a relief that they are together

2. Jungkook’s transformation

3. They only try to show their best side to us

4. The Glow Up

5. They work hard for their fans 24/7

6. Expect the unexpected

7. Respect comes first

8. Seeing their fans gives them the strength to go on

9. STAN all the way

10. Straight-up facts

11. Fans are able to feel the pain and hardship just as much as the boys

12. J-Hope’s words of wisdom

13. Teamwork makes the dream work

14. Fully supporting and respecting one another

15. They help bring a positive light to the world

16. Destiny=BTS

17. Looking in different directions but ultimately going the same way

18. Photos are a real source of strength for V

19. J-Hope’s true happiness seeing the fans enter the stadium

20. Sending their message out into the world

21. Suga the genius

22. V’s self-composed song=talent

23. Jungkook the comedian

24. Gratitude

25. Fans hope to tell their kids about BTS someday

26. MOOD

27. Emotional roller coaster

Are you ready to tune into the first two episodes after this? If you are, visit Weverse to watch the full episodes!