25+ Gifs Of V And Jungkook’s Sharp AF Jawlines For All The Thirsty ARMYs Out There

Blessed that #8 really happened.

BTS‘s V and Jungkook are known for their stunning visuals, and one of their best features is, without a doubt, their jawlines. With jawlines so sharp they can almost cut something, an appreciation post just had to be made!

Read on to see gifs of their sharp AF jawlines…specially made for all the thirsty ARMYs out there (you know who you are).

1. Look at that gaze


2. That smirk, though


3. BTS’s visual team


4. This is all man right there


5. How cute are they?


6. His side profile is one of a kind


7. The most beautiful smiles you’ll see today


8. Blessed to have this gif


9. How can he look so good even when just whistling?


10. Charming without even trying


11. Jawlines so sharp they could cut


12. We don’t blame you for staring, V


13. V’s serious face while being carried is a mood


14. They’re visuals for a reason


15. Even Jungkook knows how good looking V is


16. You can never get over them


17. I mean, look at that face!


18. Jungkook really has the best expressions


19. While V has the best stare


20. Our jaws? Dropped.


21. Our minds? Empty.


22. That’s how handsome they are


23. Don’t you agree?


24. You’d be blind not to


25. Just, wow.


26. Iconic men…


27. With iconic faces

Source: Nate