25 times TWICE members revealed their abs

These girls work hard and their hot bodies certainly reflect that!

1. Jihyo

Jihyo may be performing “Cheer Up” but the song won’t be the only thing to cheer you up. Just take a look at those glorious abs!


2. Dahyun

Dahyun doesn’t show off her midriff very often so it’s always a surprise to fans when they get to see her toned muscles.


3. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon stunned in her photoshoot for Singles magazine.


4. Tzuyu

Jeongyeon wasn’t the only member to show off her sculpted body for Singles magazine. The maknae of the group also made hearts flutter!


5. Mina

Mina has been killing fans since the group’s “Cheer Up” era when she showed off her amazing chocolate abs!


6. Jihyo

Who do you like? Jihyo and her ripped body! Plus the choreography to “Likey” seems to highlight them!


7. Momo

Momo making fans jealous of her toned physique since 2015.


8. Mina

TWICE may have been performing GOT7‘s “Just Right” at a JYP Nation concert, but Mina’s six-pack stole the show!


9. Tzuyu

She may be the youngest but it doesn’t mean she can’t be ripped too! Her stunning visuals never fail to impress just like when the group performed at 2016 SGC Super Live.


10. Chaeyoung

When TWICE performed at Yongin University in 2016 nobody was expecting Chaeyoung to give fans a heart attack!


11. Momo

Momo blew fans away while performing “Do It”. Now the question is, can Momo do it again?


12. Sana

Fans were excited to catch a glimpse of Sana’s abs during her photoshoot for Singles magazine.


13. Nayeon

Nayeon said she would be working hard to get abs and we’re patiently waiting!


14. Momo

Momo captured many hearts with her sexy outfit and equally sexy body!


15. Tzuyu

Tzuyu’s ridiculously jacked physique drives fans wild!


16. Nayeon

An accidental wardrobe malfunction during a dance practice session for “TT” left fans in complete shock!


17. Mina

Will we ever not want to see Mina’s amazing bod? Are you crazy? Of course not!


18. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung’s “So Hot” rap and her toned body set fire to the stage.


19. Sana

Someone call the doctor! Side effects of Sana’s abs include weakness of knees, heart palpitations, and excessive fan girling or fan boying!


20. Momo

Momo is signaling straight to our hearts!


21. Dahyun

Dahyun really doesn’t wear shirts that show off her amazing body very often. Maybe she knows it causes heart attacks!


22. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung’s got killer rap lines and a killer bod. Plus her dance moves just serve to highlight her toned abdominals.


23. Momo and Mina

There’s no doubt Momo and Mina have incredible bodies. Too bad their always showing them off since it’s bad for everyone’s hearts!


24. Tzuyu

Tzuyu’s got some amazing airport fashion! While she and the rest of her crew were wearing matching puffy coats, she upped her fashion game and killed many fans were her crop-top.


25. Everyone…well almost!

Every member except Dahyun wasn’t afraid to show a little skin in their dance version of “Heartshaker”. A little extra skin meant a whole lot of ab viewing pleasure. Talk about shaking fans hearts!