25+ Koreans Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

Will our expectations ever be met in reality?

Welcome to the world of online shopping, where everything looks great… until it arrives at your door.


1. “Great, I bought jeans and got a floor mop for free!”


2. “You said it was a MINI humidifier!!!”


3. “Oh the dress is going to look great on me…!”


4. “The unexpected perfect Halloween costume”


5. “Check out this new winter jacket I bought, guys.”


6. “RIP. My energy drinks all died on their way here.”


7. “Does this make you as uncomfortable as it makes me…?”


8. “I bought shoe-shaped socks, apparently.”


9. “This is ideal for times you need to look like you’re dying. This will get you excused immediately.”


10. “I thought the bag was for display. It clearly wasn’t.”


11. ” One shot, two kills”


12. “I ordered a necklace. They sent me a leash?”


13. “So clearly the seal lost weight on its way overseas.”

14. “Just like the picture.”


15. “Be sure to check the size. Twice.”


17. “I ordered my cat a spring outfit.”


18. “You did order a turtle neck after all.”


19. “Why did this have to happen”


20. “I bought these leggings for a fishing trip. Now I’m permanently wearing them.”


21. “I guess I didn’t know what I was expecting when I ordered this blanket.”


22. “I bought a… poncho…?”


23. “They sent me something haunted.”


24. “I see you’re interested in my holed up fabric.”


25. “So how exactly small is the model…?”

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