Here Are 25 Of K-Pop Fans’ Favorite B-Side Songs Of 2020 So Far

They’re just as good as the title tracks!

Usually, a K-Pop artist’s title tracks get the most attention, and understandably so — they get music videos, the most promotions, and the most stages. However, oftentimes their b-side tracks — other tracks on their albums — are just as good, and sometimes considered even better, than title tracks! This year has already seen a wave of amazing comebacks and albums, so there are a ton of great b-side tracks for people to discover. Here are 25 fan favorites.

25. ATEEZ: “Horizon” (Title Track: “Answer”)

24. Dreamcatcher: “Black or White” (Title Track: “Scream”)

23. BTS: “Shadow” (Title Track: “ON”)

22. 2Z: “1822” (Title Track: “My 1st Hero”)

21. ITZY: “Ting Ting Ting” (Title Track: “WANNABE”)

20. SF9: “Fire” (Title Track: “Good Guy”)

19. The Boyz: “Break Your Rules” (Title Track: “Reveal”)

18. EVERGLOW: “No Lie” (Title Track: “DUN DUN”)

17. SF9: “Shh” (Title Track: “Good Guy”)

16. Younha: “26” (Title Track: “Dark Cloud”)

15. EVERGLOW: “Player” (Title Track: “DUN DUN”)

14. BTS: “Black Swan” (Title Track: “ON”)

13. The Boyz: “Salty” (Title Track: “Reveal”)

12. Kang Daniel: “Jealous” (Title Track: “2U”)

11. BTS: “Friends” (Title Track: “ON”)

10. Dreamcatcher: “Tension” (Title Track: “Scream”)

9. Super Junior: “Shadow” (Title Track: “2YA2YAO”)

8. ENOi: “Not Sorry” (Title Track: “Cheeky”)

7. ELRIS: “Like I Do” (Title Track: “Jackpot”)

6. IZ*ONE: “Open Your Eyes” (Title Track: “Fiesta”)

5. Younha: “Winter Flower” (Title Track: “Dark Cloud”)

4. KARD: “Enemy” (Title Track: “Red Moon”)

3. BTS: “Filter” (Title Track: “ON”)

2. Dreamcatcher: “Red Sun” (Title Track: “Scream”)

1. IZ*ONE: “AYAYAYA” (Title Track: “Fiesta”)

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