25 Male K-Pop Idols Who Took Off Their Clothes For “Men’s Health”

They’re all #FitnessGoals.

Men’s Health covers lifestyle topics such as fitness, nutrition, and fashion, and its models are always the fittest of the fit. These 25 idols all worked extremely hard to achieve their killer, cover-worthy physiques!

1. Baekho (NU’EST)

2. Gikwang (HIGHLIGHT)

3. Minhyuk (BTOB)

4. Jaehyo (BLOCK B)

5. Henry (formerly of Super Junior-M)

6. Jay Park

7. Insoo (MyName)

8. Wooyoung (2PM)

9. Taecyeon (2PM)

10. Nichkhun (2PM)

11. Chansung (2PM)

12. Jun.K (2PM)

13. Jinwoon (2AM)

14. Jo Kwon (2AM)

15. Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky)

16. Dong Jun (ZE:A)

17. Mir (MBLAQ)

18. Jangjun (Golden Child)

19. BM (KARD)

20. Han Seungwoo

21. Yeo One (PENTAGON)

22. Jaeyoon (SF9)

23. Wonho

24. Wi Ha Joon

25. Hongseok (PENTAGON)