25 Moments Of BTS’s Jimin Doing Super Difficult Dances Moves And Making It Look Effortless

Jimin is our dancing king.

BTS’s Jimin, who has a background of being a dance major, is known for doing very advanced technical moves while looking absolutely flawless. Here is a compilation of some difficult dance moves done by Jimin that look totally effortless when he does it.

1. Jimin flies through the air as if it were nothing

2. He mixes martial arts with dance for a fusion twist

3. He uses this combination on the stage

4. He continues to practice his craft any chance he can

5. Flying in the air is his specialty

6. A talented king

7. His lines and gestures are so smooth

8. There he goes again, up into the air

9. His specialty turn and fly move

10. Martial arts king

11. This is how the members look like when they watch Jimin perform

12. His dance moves are flawless even when he’s just playing around

13. Flexible king

14. He does splits like it’s no big deal

15. His turns are magical

16. Talent and visuals

17. A masterpiece

18. Feet are on point

19. King of modern dance

20. Traditional style dance is no exception

21. Look at that back bend

22. Even his hair dances gracefully

23. A flying swan

24. His body rolls are to die for

25. He’s even able to move with the choreography while tying his shoes.

What’s your favorite type of dance from Jimin? It’s hard to choose considering there isn’t a genre that Jimin can’t do! We love a talented and hard-working king!