25+ Photos Of Yoona’s Perfect “11” Abs

Yoona’s abs should have their own fan club.

1. Many idols have admitted that they’re jealous of Yoona’s slim figure.


2. Her ’11 abs’ are just amazing!


3.  Yoona is humble about it, but there’s no denying she’s worked hard to achieve her toned body.


4. Yoona has worn many high-cut shirts that expose her midriff and show off her strong figure.


5. She clearly put a lot of effort into working out!


6. Her abs make her girl scouts uniform look especially sexy!


7. This bright tracksuit totally suits her athletic figure.


8. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!


9. In this uniform, Yoona turns cheerleader fantasies into reality.


10. Her abs look just as great from the side as they do from the front!


11. You can see her muscle tone, even through this mesh!


12. A flash of abs can make Yoona look cute and sexy at the same time.


13. Yoona moves around the stage with confidence and charisma.


14. One look at her beautiful belly and fans forget how to breathe!


15. Even the slightest glimpse can make hearts flutter.


16. Yoona becomes a sci-fi goddess in this cropped jacket.


17. She becomes a sexy, hippy girl-next-door in this belly-baring tee and denim shorts.


18. Her dance is mesmerizing!


19. “7”? Yoona’s abs are #1!


20. Her slim waist gives her a perfect X-line.


21. Could she be any more gorgeous?


22. If Yoona was a lifeguard, everyone would pretend to drown!


23. Her abs stop this white outfit from being too cutesy.


24. Accessories? A belt to highlight her abs. That’s all she needs!


25. Yoona moves her body with elegance and grace.


26. You can see her muscles clearly during her fast-paced, dance performances.


27. This pink lighting makes her abs stand out even more!