25+ Times BTS’s Jungkook Was Too Cute For His Own Good

#7 was so adorable!

As BTS‘s maknae, it’s no surprise that Jungkook is naturally cute and lovable. He could just be standing without doing anything special and he’d still be stealing fans’ hearts!

Read on to see 25+ times Jungkook was more adorable than anyone has the right to be!

1. When his hyungs squeezed his cheeks


2. When he peeked out from behind RM


3. When he said “bono bono ya” in the funniest voice


4. When he played with his rabbit hat


5. When he tightly embraced J-Hope


6. When he grinned out of nowhere


7. When he stared intensely at V


8. When V played with his hair


9. When V, Suga, and Jin played with his hair


10. When J-Hope and Suga doted on him


11. When he innocently pulled back


12. When he acted cute in front of J-Hope


13. When he was about to ride a roller coaster


14. When he just woke up


15. When he greeted ARMYs


16. When he pointed excitedly


17. When he waved at ARMYs


18. When he stuffed his mouth with food


19. When he looked clueless


20. When he winced adorably


21. When V played with every part of his head


22. When he nibbled on a snack


23. When his hair was blown by the wind


24. When his makeup was being retouched


25. When he supported himself after being ignored


26. When someone stole his food


27. When he danced in a silly manner