25+ Times Korean Kids Were Bored, And Created Masterpieces On Their Homework

Koreans take this doodling business very seriously.

1. We Want You… to give us the answers.


2. Hallyu-fied


3. I’d rather be on the court…!


4. Yep, that’s how math makes me feel too. Death looking into my soul.


5. Cartoon-ethmatics…?


6. When they ask you about geometric shapes…


7. Naruto, is that you?


8. … Gasps…


9. The question says “Chulsoo, Younghee, and Minsu are talking.” Hello Chulsoo, Younghee, and Minsu!


10. Napoleon taking care of business


11. Nidalee? or Ahri?


12. Modernization


13. I would say the piece on the right describes how the artist feels very well!


14. What’s going on here?


15. Photoshop 101


16. When you’re not too happy about numbers…


17. The handwriting authentication portion says, “The sun was clearly licking the leaves.”


18. Slit me?!


19. So much quality here…!


20. This person couldn’t focus. Obviously.


21. When you’re absolutely sure the answer is #1…


22. Graph paper is a powerful inspiration.


23. Soul Eater


24. The test paper isn’t even right side up in this one. This person had zero plan to take the test.


25. When life gives you a Venn diagram…


26. Back to the future!


27. Van Gogh, female, high school


28. “I’m sorry I dropped your pencil case.” Is she though? Is she sorry?

Source: Dispatch