25 Times TWICE Tzuyu’s Aegyo Was Too Cute For Words

#9 is seriously adorable ❤️

As the maknae of TWICE, it isn’t surprising that Tzuyu is an absolute cutie! These 25 gifs of her doing aegyo will help you understand why.

Check them out below, but be warned—there’s too much cute to handle!

1. When she framed her face

2. When she flashed peace signs

3. When she moved her head

4. When she touched her dimple

5. When she played with her headband

6. When she grinned

7. When she frowned

8. When she danced cutely

9. When she pinched her own cheeks

10. When she pursed her lips

11. When she sent ONCEs her love

12. When she shook her head

13. When she moved her fingers

14. When she chewed her food

15. When she shyly looked down

16. When she did two heart poses

17. When she danced playfully

18. When she moved her eyes left and right

19. When she changed expressions in a second

20. When she gave a thumbs up

21. When she did aegyo on TV

22. When she gave ONCEs her heart

23. When she pinched her cheeks

24. When she moved her arms around

25. When she went up close to the camera

Without a doubt, Tzuyu’s irresistible cuteness is enough to make anyone’s day!


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