26 Things About K-Pop That Shouldn’t Annoy You, But Literally Do

These things might drive you crazy, but it’s all part of the K-Pop experience.

1. You have to look in the mirror every day, knowing that oppa is prettier than you.

Cha Eun Woo is the girl(?) you’d never introduce your boyfriend to.


2. You hate it when a friend picks the same bias as you.

There are thirteen members in SEVENTEEN. How dare you choose the same one!


3. Idols make their choreography look do-able when it is actually impossible.

Wanna One dance and sing without breaking a sweat, so can you, right?


4. Stylist noonas who make questionable fashion decisions for our oppas.

Was she going for a flamingo look or a pink lion?


5. Having a ‘Visual’ in each group when all the members are gorgeous AF.

TWICE = pretty girl next to pretty girl next to another pretty girl next to another pretty girl…


6. Knowing Korean fans don’t need to wait for subtitles.

Why does it feel like they’re cheating?


7. When new fans post comments asking to join the fandom.

None of that “You can’t sit with us!” exists in K-Pop.


8. Your favourite group keeps blowing up your social media.

How are you supposed to accomplish anything in life with so many wonderful distractions?


9. Absurd Acronyms

A.R.M.Y stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth? Sounds legit to me.


10. When K-Pop fans overuse fandom slang.

IU is queen! Watch her slay! She’s gorgeous AF. I can’t even…” – Every Fan Ever


11.  When your bias finally begins to date.

You know it’s none of your business, and you’re truly happy for them, but a little voice in your head still whispers, “It should have been me!”


12. Bowl cuts.

I don’t know why it’s a thing but oppa can do no wrong.


13.  When an idol decides to change his or her stage name after you’ve spent years correcting your friends about it.

Yes, we’re looking at you, Jinyoung (aka The Idol Formerly Known As GOT7‘s Junior).


14. When stylists change your bias’s hair color without consulting you first.

The infamous Let’s-Try-Every-Color-Cause-We-Can’t-Choose look.


15. Your heart has been stolen by a stranger you’ve never met, and there’s nothing you can do about it…

…unless you try to sue him!


16. If you’re an international fan, there is literally no chance of accidentally bumping into your idol on the street.

Time to pack your bags!


17. Logos at the beginning of music videos.

That 2-second-intro is too long of a wait between me and my husbands.


18. Props that don’t make any sense.

Music Video Sin‘s Everything Wrong With BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”

J-Hope, do you need your eyes checked?


19. The SM Entertainment “box” set.

It’s like they trapped but screw it let’s dance.


20. The blatant lack of safety in music videos.

Please keep your seat belts on while the bus is in motion, Stray Kids!


21. Uniform concepts that set unrealistically high expectations for people who actually work in the field.

What do you mean all doctors don’t look like this?


22. Biases who change gears without warning.

How can go from “I can be your baby” to “I can be your daddy” in less than five seconds?


23. Bias wreckers who switch lanes without signaling.

Just when you think you’ve decided on a bias, another member swerves into view!


24. The parties in K-Pop music videos are always more fun than parties in real life.

Can we get an invite, 2PM?


25. Outrageously expensive designer clothing you can probably never wear.

Jungook‘s Bottega Veneta Nero Suedo Ayers Jacket cost $7,200 USD… No biggie let me starve and live homeless for about 3 months.


26. Perfect makeup all the time.

They woke up like this.