26 Times BTS Members Bullied Each Other On Camera

To BTS, “xoxo” stands for “punches and kicks”.

1. Jimin’s “sexy” dancing.

J-Hope made fun of Jimin by imitating his dance moves from “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”.


2. Throwing sand at Jungkook

Jin proved that age doesn’t necessarily mean maturity when he threw this ball of sand at Jungkook

…then blamed it on the camera operator.


3. Trophy Jin

Jungkook had way too much fun “awarding” Jin this trophy.


4. Heckling the host

Jin and Suga took turns criticizing V‘s MC skills.


5. That group is stupid.

During a game, Genius RM insulted his members’ intelligence.


6. “Where is Jimin?”

When it comes to bullying Jimin about his height, Jungkook is relentless.

In fact, he has teased Jimin so much that fans are often surprised when they see Jimin in person. He is 175 cm (5’9″), which isn’t that short at all!


7. No sleep for you.

No one is safe from bullying, even while they’re sleeping.


8. Playing rough

While playfighting, Jungkook pushed Jimin a little harder than necessary.


9. Hitting Jungkook

In BTS, the older members usually do not smack around their maknae.

This is why.


10. Throwing away Jin’s shoes

At ISAC, the BTS members competed in a game called “who can throw Jin’s shoes the farthest”.

Jin eventually forfeited by taking off his other shoe…

…but V tossed that too.


11. Small hands, big heart

In addition to his height, the BTS members love to tease Jimin about his cute, tiny hands by comparing his hands with theirs.


12. Suga’s audition tape

The members will never let Suga forget his humble beginnings.


13. Jimin’s shirtless performance

Jimin nearly died of embarrassment when the members reacted to his 2014 MAMA performance.


14. Slapping Suga

Suga is, most likely, the least bullied member. No one wants to face his wrath, but Jungkook took that risk when he assailed Suga with these flailing slaps.


15. “You are ugly.”

Suga likes to keep his savagery short, sweet, and to the point.


16. Imitating J-Hope’s singing

Jimin poked fun at J-Hope by imitating J-Hope’s singing part in “Mama”.


17. Imitating Jungkook’s singing

Usually, the maknae line members are partners in crime, but this time V and Jimin ganged up on Jungkook. Jungkook stood in stunned silence, plotting his revenge.


18. “Why is your head so big?”

Jimin took a verbal jab at J-Hope while putting sunglasses on him.


19. “You have no friends.”

Ouch, V.


20. RM is a fashion terrorist.

During the same lie detector game, Jungkook made fun of RM’s fashion sense.

He may have answered for it off camera.


21. “When did you get so fat?”

V insulted Jimin while giving him a piggyback.


22. “You look like a horse.”


23. “Well, you look like a turtle!”


24. Invisible Jimin

Sometimes the members like to pretend they can’t see Jimin, due to his “shortness”. This time they took things a step further by ignoring him entirely.


25. Worldwide Hideous

The members dared to make fun of this visual king’s looks. The king was displeased.


26. Gotta catch ’em all

During a fan meet, Jimin “caught” Jungkook with a pokeball.

He did not catch Suga. Next time try a master ball, Jimin!