27 Photos Of GFRIEND’s Sowon That Prove She Has Impossibly Long Legs

GFRIEND’s Sowon is beautiful, talented, and has legs that will leave you breathless.

1. Casual, but still gorgeous 

2. Glowing Legs

3. Perfectly toned legs

4. Long, to die for legs

5. In any occasion, still gorgeous legs

6. She doesn’t hesitate to show them off in the cold

7. Athletic legs

8. Adorable, yet sexy legs

9. Soft legs

10. Pretty legs

11. Her baseball player legs

12. Super cuddly legs

13. Summer vibe legs

14. Long and slender legs, even in jeans

15. Long and smooth

16. Super girly legs

17. Dream-girl legs

18. So pretty

19. A casual beauty

20. Legs for days

21. Urban, feminine style legs

22. Elegant style

23. Her sweet style still shows off her great legs

24. Her legs really do go on for days

25. Sailor girl vibe legs

26. So cute

27. She’s a dream girl from head to toe.