29 Idols And Colleagues Who Had Nothing But Positive Things To Say About Kang Daniel

Everyone praises Daniel’s personality, attitude and manners.

In light of an alleged staff member calling Kang Daniel rude and unprofessional, fans of his have compiled positive quotes made about Daniel from his colleagues in the industry that have met him.

1. Jeong Sewoon

Sewoon met Daniel while they were both on the cast of Master Key, he says that Daniel won’t apologise when he has done nothing wrong:

I’ve known Daniel a long time, I know his personality. When he is misunderstood he won’t go explaining himself. He will be like “Ahh, since I am not doing anything wrong, whatever!”

– Jeong Sewoon

2. Yoon Jisung

Daniel’s fellow WANNA ONE member Jisung talked about how humble Daniel is:

Because Daniel became famous so suddenly, he could have become arrogant and looked down on others. But no, he is always like a kid.

– Yoon Jisung

3. Jung Chul Min

Jung Chul Min is the production director of Running Man which Daniel appeared as a guest on. He praised how humble and kind Daniel was:

Because we heard about his popularity, we had quite a bit of prejudice against him. But after meeting him I realised how kind, bright and humble he is. He said that he feels lucky to have so much popularity after having only trained for two years. He’s so grateful for his popularity and has good manners, he is someone who will make it even further in the future.

– Jung Chul Mid

4. Ahn Hyung Seob

Ahn Hyung Seob trained with Daniel on Produce 101 and he expressed how much of a caring leader Daniel was to him:

Even as a guy myself, I think Kang Daniel had a magnetism about him. When we were rehearsing for ‘Get Ugly’, he was the leader. He took care of me and would wait for me if I ate late. I was really moved and it’s too bad that I wasn’t able to express how thankful I am.

– Ahn Hyung Seob

5. Kim Jaehan

Kim Jaehan also trained with Daniel on Produce 101 and he talked about how humble Daniel was in victory:

We had a meetup with Daniel and Jisung after they got into Wanna One. While we were eating together, Daniel tried not to talk about the result because he thought we would get sad. We all knew how he was feeling so we encouraged him to work hard.

– Kim Jaehan

6. Ahn Joong Yong

Ahn Joong Yong is the production director for Produce 101 and he talked about how hate comments affected Daniel more than he let on:

Daniel was once kind of dozing all day long. I asked him why and he said he couldn’t sleep because he was reading a lot of hate comments. Even Daniel who’s always smiling and kind to everyone, like a giant dog, was dwelling on comments like these.

– Ahn Joong Yong

7. Lai Guanlin

Guanlin was in WANNA ONE with Daniel and he talked about a gesture Daniel made that really touched him:

There’s something Daniel hyung did that really touched me. The day before debut I was really nervous so Daniel asked me to go out and eat ramen with him. While we were eating, he said “Let’s work hard together tomorrow”. So I felt this hyung was really amazing, he doesn’t only look after himself but also the whole team.

– Lai Guanlin

8. Lee Yi Kyung

Lee Yi Kyung is an actor and appeared on the variety show It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets with Daniel. He talks about how he’s happy to have Daniel as a junior:

Daniel has a very pure soul. When my recent drama ended, he was the first person to send me a message and congratulate me. He said in the message, “Thank you for your hard work hyung”. I think he is a dongsaeng that makes me feel very comfortable. I like him.

– Lee Yi Kyung

9. Hwang Minhyun

Minhyun is a member of NU’EST and former member of Wanna One, he talked about how friendly and charming Daniel is:

At first I thought Daniel would be the typical tough and chic Busan guy. He really is the typical Busan guy but after we became Wanna One, I realised he is so friendly and has lots of aegyo. Aw he’s really kind and friendly. He is so charming.

– Minhyun

10. Loco

Loco appeared on It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets with Daniel. He talked about how energetic he is:

Kang Daniel is very pure, just as he seems on TV. He definitely gives people a boost of energy.

– Loco

11. Lee Seok Hoon

Lee Seok Hoon was a vocal trainer on Produce 101. He talked about Daniel’s talent and positivity:

Daniel’s smile was so bright it gave me butterflies in my stomach. He’s incredibly pretty, and his smile was so positive. He has a very attractive body and danced very well so I believed he would definitely succeed.

– Lee Seok Hoon

12. Lee Yoon Hwa

Lee Yoon Hwa is the production director for It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets and he talked about how candid and real Daniel was while filming for the show:

He’s like a 12 year old boy. If he’s sleepy, he’d ask “May I sleep a little?” and he’d play games behind the stairs when it was break time. It’s surprising to see Daniel had this innocence about him and shows his real self, without putting on any airs.

– Lee Yoon Hwa

13. Cao Lu

Cao Lu is a former member of FIESTAR, she talked about having Daniel as a backup dancer on her show and how proud she is:

Two years ago, he was a dancer on my program. Suddenly one day, I turned on the TV and saw him then I looked him up online and he was the top search. For some reason, I could feel myself smiling like a mom. I’m so proud of him. He really is a hard working kid.

– Cao Lu

14. Xiumin

Xiumin of EXO was a cast member of It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets along with Daniel. When asked about Daniel, his response was poignant:

He is really innocent and fresh. I got that feeling from him.

– Xiumin

15. Lee Euiwoong

Euiwoong was a trainee on Produce 101 along with Daniel. He says he regrets never being on the same team as Daniel during the show:

Daniel hyung was the trainee I regret the most for not having a chance to get closer. We weren’t ever in the same team but during the program, he was so sweet and I know he’s a kind hyung. Us not being in the same team is the thing I regret most.

–  Euiwoong

16. Bae Jinyoung

Jinyoung is a former member of WANNA ONE, he expressed how joyous Daniel is:

Daniel seems like a reliable guy but he is indeed a child. He has low standards when it comes to laughing. He laughs at weird things. Everything is funny to him.

– Jinyoung

17. Lee Woo Jin

Woo Jin was a trainee on Produce 101 and he credits Daniel as the reason why people started to notice him on the show:

It was thanks to Daniel hyung that the public found out more about me. I’m grateful for him. Hyung taught me a lot about dancing. He also has really has the feel of an idol. He’s cool. I learned a lot from him about the talents that idols need to have.

– Lee Woo Jin

18. Kim Shin Young

Kim Shin Young was the production director for Wanna One Go talked about how caring Daniel is:

Daniel’s the first member that comes to mind. He is very broad-minded, cheerful and fun. He has a kind of gruff but warm personality like when he didn’t eat his lunch and brought it to the staff. There are so many parts of him that are touching. He says things as if he’s not paying attention, but the truth is that he has the kind of personality where he takes care of others. He’s that way to all of the members.

– Kim Shin Young

19. Park Kahi

Kahi was a trainer on Produce 101 and she talked about how passionate Daniel is:

The sexiest trainee must be Daniel. His power on the stage is something no one can argue. He learns so fast and his passion is just different when compared to others.

– Park Kahi

20. Seo Janghoon

Variety star Seo Janghoon was a cast member of Master Key along with Daniel. He was very complimentary when talking about Daniel:

Seeing Daniel in person, I can see why he is loved by so many people… he has the heart of an angel.

– Seo Janghoon

21. Davichi

Davichi is a pop duo and they chose Daniel as a model for the music video for their song, “Days Without You”. They explained their reasoning for picking Daniel:

We knew that Kang Daniel would be fitting for the male lead for our music video. We thought it would be good to have a guy who is pure and suits snowy fields well and Kang Daniel is the one.

– Davichi

22. Lee Jee Hyung

Lee Jee Hyung works as an illustrator for Marvel and upon meeting Daniel, he was instantly taken with the young idol:

Kang Daniel is someone who could make your heart flutter. That feeling is like the first snow.

– Lee Jee Hyung

23. Son Ho Young

Son Ho Young of g.o.d describes how impressed he was with Daniel and how he felt he must befriend him:

Daniel has a pretty smile, talent and a great physique. I envy him. He’s tall and also very good at dancing. I’d never contacted a younger singer first but I contacted him first. I wanted to befriend him.

– Son Ho Young

24. Kim Sung Joo

Kim Sung Joo is one of the MCs of Please Take Care of my Refrigerator which Daniel appeared on as a guest. He described what it was like having Daniel on the show:

I want to thank Daniel because everytime I said something, he would keep responding. Even now, when I’m not sure what to say next, he’s like “Oh ahh”. Daniel keeps cheering me up. It’s like having a one man audience and I love it.

– Kim Sung Joo

25. Shin Seung Hee

Shin Seung Hee was a member of the band TAKE and one of Daniel’s teachers. He had nothing but good things to say about his student:

Daniel was my student and he’s a very innocent and honest boy, just like a naive child. Every word, every action showed that he’s well-mannered. He’s a polite boy with a gentle personality and behind his innocent image he holds a lot of talent.

– Shin Seung Hee

26. Sean

Industry veteran Sean from Jinusean spoke about how Daniel is using his influence in a positive manner:

Daniel is a great example of how people should properly use their influence, just like how he influenced his fans to donate. Now I get why people are obsessed with him. I expect him to be an amazing singer and celebrity that positively influences people.

– Sean

27. Ha Sungwoon

Sungwoon is a former member of Wanna One and is very close with Daniel. You can feel how much he likes his friend when he speaks about him:

Daniel is like a kid. His jokes are really funny and he does them endlessly. I am always thankful to Daniel. Because he is so huge, he always takes good care of me. I’m actually older than him but I feel smaller.

– Ha Sungwoon

28. Lee Hae Young

Radio host Lee Hae Young met Kang Daniel and she knew he would go on to do great things:

To Kang Daniel, you made my song awesome. You always work hard at everything… if you keep going straight, you will become a worldwide star. By then you’ll forget me but I will remember you.

– Lee Hae Young

29. Minhyuk

Minhyuk of Monsta X spoke about Daniel on Idol Room:

Kang Daniel is always such a well-mannered person. Every if we’re really far away, he’ll still try to say hello to us.

– Minhyuk

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