29 Reasons To Be In Love With Sandara Park

It’s hard not to fall in love with Dara after seeing all these sides of her!

Dara is adored by all, and she’s loved greatly by her loyal fans across the world. Known for her natural beauty, Dara deserves a list dedicated especially to her! Let’s hear it for Dara! The wonderful, kind-hearted, beauty. This list is for all the Dara fans out there!


1. Dara making a wish with all her heart


2. Dara when her wish comes true!


3. Dara looking gorgeous and serene


4. Rocking purple hair like nobody’s business


5. The natural beauty


6. Dara can transform into a stunning piece of art!


7. High fashion Dara!


8. Dara partyin’ on a Tuesday


9. Unspoken angelic beauty


10. So elegant!


11. Beautiful Dara at a serene beach


12. A modern look for ELLE Magazine


13. Performing passionately


14. Queen Dara in her palace


15. Loving every moment on stage


16. No need for an umbrella with a hat like that!


17. Dara sleepy time


18. Triple scoop of berries and cotton candy?


19. Looking beautiful with her hair flowing freely


20. Dara can pull off any kind of fashion


21. Space-traveler Dara


22. It’s Dara from the future


23. A hairstyle that suits Dara well!


24. Posing with a fierce expression!


25. Dara and CL <3


26. Happy Birthday, Dara!!!


27. Dara: “haters gonna hate”


28. Dara’s fierce side…watch out!


29. Dara being an adorable goofball as always :3


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