29 Reasons We Love Red Velvet’s Seulgi—In Celebration Of Her 29th Birthday

Happy birthday to our queen!

Today is Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s 29th birthday! To celebrate the “28 Reasons” singer on her birthday, here are 29 reasons we love and appreciate her.

1. She is the main dancer and lead vocalist of Red Velvet.

Members of Red Velvet | Red Velvet/YouTube

2. She can sing.

3. She can dance.

4. She has muscles for days.

5. She was a trainee for 7 years before debuting.

6. She can pull off red hair.

7. She likes to dress effortlessly yet stylishly.

8. She likes to be friends with everyone.

9. Her eyes.

10. She’s cute one moment…

11. …then she is charismatic the next.

12. Then she is also sexy.

13. She joined SM Entertainment after passing a public audition.

14. She can imitate an ostrich.

15. This cover of “Bang Bang” with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa.

16. She rocks at dancing male choreography and hip hop.

17. She doesn’t get angry easily.

18. She adores and supports her juniors, aespa.

19. Many female idols are in love with her such as (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi and Lee Chaeyeon.

20. She can imitate Pikachu.

21. She is a part of a cute little friend group called the “Egg Yolk” family—aka the “YolKRAZY” family”—with OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung and MAMAMOO’s MoonByul.

22. Her sub-unit song “Monster” with Irene was spectacular.

23. She has an adorable habit of sticking out her tongue.

24. Her MBTI is ISFP.

25. Her role model is Beyonce.

26. She is a crucial member of the SM Entertainment sub-group GOT The Beat.

27. She wrote the lyrics for the track “Dead Man Running” in her album.

28. She debuted as a solo artist in 2022 with the song “28 Reasons”.

29. We just do.

Happy 29th birthday, Seulgi!

A previous version of this article said she was the leader of Red Velvet, but it has been corrected to lead vocalist and main dancer.

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