10+ “2024 Asia Star Entertainer Awards” Moments That Prove 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon Should Host Every Event 

He makes everything more fun!

On April 10, 2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon hosted the first-ever 2024 Asia Star Entertainer Awards (ASEA) alongside Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri in Japan.

Taecyeon proved to be the best MC, as he kept things fun throughout the entirity of the ceremony. Check out 10+ moments that prove he should host every event…

1. Taecyeon’s heart with Yuri

2. When Taecyeon couldn’t stop dancing

3. The sibling vibes!

4. This adorable interaction with Billlie’s Tsuki

5. When Taecyeon and Yuri were so comfortable, they used informal language with each other

6. Taecyeon telling DAY6’s Young K to raise the mic

7. Taecyeon making an iconic reference to DAY6’s hit song

8. Taecyeon giving us a mini Vincenzo reunion 

9. Taecyeon revealed the one 2PM concept he never was able to do

10. Taecyeon and Yuri doing their best even during “embarrassing” moments

11. Taecyeon represents everyone who wants to leave work on time

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