The 3 Most Beautiful Women In Korean Entertainment According To Kim Suro

The actresses on Kim Suro’s list are actually quite beautiful and deserve all the recognition!

On the latest episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, actor Kim Su Ro selected the top three most beautiful women in the history of Korean entertainment industry. Though based completely on Kim Su Ro’s personal selection, the three actresses who made it on to the list are indisputably gorgeous.


1. Jeong Yun Hui

Actress Jeong Yun Hui, born 1954, debuted in 1975 and was throned the most beautiful actress of the 1970s. She became extremely popular after her rich college girl role in the TV series Chung-sil Hong-sil (청실홍실, Blue Thread, Red Thread). This is actually the very first soap opera style K-drama in the history of Korean broadcasting. From then on, Jeong Yun Hui actively appeared in dramas and movies, winning 6 Daejong Film Awards and 2 Baeksang Arts Awards. Most of her male acting partners claim that Jeong Yun Hui is one of the most beautiful women they have seen. Jeong Yun Hui retired from her actress life in 1984 when she got married.


2. Kim Sung Ryung

Actress Kim Sung Ryung, born 1967, debuted in 1988 as a host on Entertainment Weekly after winning Miss Korea in the same year. In the past on a TV program, she mentioned that she competed in the 1988 Miss Korea selections because a hair dresser recommended that she tried out. Since 1991, she is actively appearing in dramas and movies. Kim Sung Ryung has won several best actress awards for her roles, along with a best dresser award. She is known for her age defying beauty, especially since pictures of her looking incredibly fit and young went viral and wowed the internet.


3. Son Ye Jin

Actress Son Ye Jin, born 1982, debuted in 1999 with a commercial. Then she began acting, and her second drama Delicious Proposal became a huge success. With her two biggest romance movies, “Classic” and “A Moment to Remember”, Son Ye Jin became Korea’s leading actress in early 2000s. For 19 years since her debut, she has either filmed a movie or appeared on a drama series each year, expanding her filmography ceaselessly. Son Ye Jin won countless awards for most of her appearances in films and dramas alike. She is currently shooting Something in the Rain and has been throned the nation’s most beautiful “noona (누나)” for Korean male fans.

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