Here Are 3 Of The Best And Most Affordable K-Beauty Products You Need To Try

There are vegan, eco-friendly, clean, and affordable K-Beauty options!

In episode six of DIVE Studios‘ new podcast, Beauty Bar, Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi talked to Stefanie Michova and Joan Kim talked about the cost of good skin. They shared their favorite and most affordable K-Beauty products. Here are three of the best Korean skincare brands that will leave your skin and wallet feeling good.

1. Innisfree

A favorite brand among the Beauty Bar hosts is Innisfree. The average cost for serums is around $20, but cleansers, toners, and masks can be as low as $10. One of their best-selling products is the Intensive Hydrating Serum with green tea seed for $27 and, of course, the always affordable and biodegradable sheet masks, which are under $2.

| Innisfree

2. Rovectin

Rovectin is a vegan and eco-friendly Korean brand that even BToB‘s Peniel loves. Their most popular product is Lotus Water Cream for $20, which is excellent for dry skin. You can feel good knowing that this K-Beauty product is clean, toxin-free, and uses sustainable ingredients.

| Rovectin/The Third Circle

3. Isntree

This skincare brand pursues “healthy beauty through reliable natural ingredients.” Isntree is 100% vegan and eco-friendly with 100% honest labeling. Their most popular product is the Green Tea Fresh Toner for $22.

You can watch a clip from the episode below:

Source: DIVE Studios, innisfree and ashleybchoi