3 Easy Steps For How To Get Korean “Glass Skin” In A Hurry

If you’re looking for a quick hack to that famous flawless look, look no further!

YouTube beauty guru Soo Beauty has kindly shared her hack for how to get a flawless Korean “glass skin” look in just three simple steps! The routine is so simple that it can be done whether you’re in a hurry or just feeling lazy.

Step 1: Apply suncream

Soo Beauty uses Thank You Farmers Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence cream, which has a bit of pink shimmer and SPF. You don’t have to use this specific brand, but she advises using a suncream that has shimmer in it.


Step 2: Use a BB cushion

Using a cushion is a great way to get some foundation/base on your face when you’re in a hurry. In her video, she’s using JungSaemMool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion Light. This particular cushion is buildable and offers great coverage.

Step 3: Finish off with a mist

The final step in getting the “glass skin” look is to use a mist. Soo Beauty is using Carezone A.R.H. Skin Rescue Mist. The mist is the final step in really getting that sparkly glass look. She suggests if you have too much shine around your T-zone and chin, you can dab a bit of powder on it to make sure your glass skin has a clean appearance.

And, tada! This is the finished look:

Doesn’t Soo Beauty look radiant? She adds makeup after finishing off her “glass skin” look, but truthfully, she is so beautiful she could have walked out the door as-is.

What do you think of Soo Beauty’s easy-to-follow lazy girl’s guide to Korean “glass skin”? Will you give it a try?