The 3 Hardest Things About Being The Leader Of A K-Pop Group, According To Idols

Being a leader is no easy task.

Most K-Pop groups have a leader, as it’s quite common for someone to be put in charge of the group. Most people know K-Pop leaders as the person who brings the group together and puts a smile on the faces of their group members.

Yet, being a leader can be quite a burdensome and stressful job. Many K-Pop leaders have spoken about the hardships that they usually have to silently carry.

1. Having to hide their hardships

Apink‘s Chorong once spoke on how she never really gets a chance to let her thoughts or concerns be heard. Since she’s always thinking of the other members first, her thoughts are usually hidden away. That’s why Chorong burst into tears once someone asked her to share her feelings.

Since Chorong’s the leader of Apink, most people come to her regarding the other members’ opinions on things.

However, Chorong is rarely ever able to talk about herself and her thoughts.

Red Velvet‘s Irene has a similar story to Chorong, as she too hides any struggles she’s having. Irene usually holds in any hardships she’s having, as she doesn’t want to bother the members. Irene is constantly asking the other Red Velvet members about their concerns but rarely addresses her own.

2. Behind the scenes moments

BTS‘s RM also once shared some details about the difficulties he’s had to endure as the leader. If the company has any problems or issues regarding the group, the leader is usually the one who gets a bulk of the blame.

RM also has to compile all the members’ opinions into one, then share it with the company. In a way, the leader is the representative of the group.

EXO‘s Suho also once talked about how it can be difficult for the leader to gather group members and have a serious talk.

RM also adds in that gathering members can be especially difficult after long schedules.

3. Having to be strong

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk is another leader who has talked about the struggles he’s endured as a leader. That he’s been told that he needs to act a certain way to show leadership to the other members.

Yet, there have been times where Leeteuk had to pretend for the sake of his members.

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