3 Heartwarming Korean Celebrity Couple Stories That Will Make You Say “Aww”

Number 3’s story is one of a kind.

Life Bar is quite the mellow program, as many celebrities come on the show and share life stories over a drink. There have also been many heartwarming stories told as well, such as 3 celebrity couple stories.

1. Yeon Jung Hoon & Han Ga In

Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ga In are both huge fans of G-Dragon, so the couple once went to a concert together.

The two were quite easy to spot, as they were wearing matching outfits, and were showing affection to each other quite often.

Yeon Jung Hoon reveals that the two never got a proper chance to wear matching outfits in the past, as they originally kept their relationship a secret.

Wearing matching outfits was something Han Ga In dreamed of, so the two saw this as a perfect opportunity.

Yeon Jung Hoon also has a quick phonecall with Han Ga In, and the two can’t help but show their loving concern for each other.

The conversation ends with Yeon Jung Hoon’s daughter giving a loving message to her dad.

2. Lee Chun Hee & Jeon Hye Jin

Lee Chun Hee and Jeon Hye Jin got married at relatively young ages, especially Jeon Hye Jin. This caused Lee Chun Hee to want to prepare a special wedding for his wife.

While Jeon Hye Jin was touched by the gesture, she felt apologetic since the wedding was so focused on her.

Jeon Hye Jin let Lee Chun Hee know that he doesn’t have to go such far lengths for her.

Jeon Hye Jin also gave an encouraging message to Lee Chun Hee, as she didn’t want him to get stressed over everything.

3. So Yi Hyun & In Gyo Jin

So Yi Hyun was originally hesitant about going on a program that revealed her public life, such as Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny.

The main reason she decided to go on those kinds of programs is that she wanted to show how great of a person her husband is.

The two also have an interesting story of how they got together. The two originally started as good friends, but one day, In Gyo Jin decided to ask So Yi Hyun if they could be more than friends.

So Yi Hyun didn’t know how to react, so she cut off contact with him for 2 months.

During those 2 months, So Yi Hyun realized how much In Gyo Min meant to her and that she needs him in her life.

Once the two started talking again, they wasted no time with their relationship.

The two decided to call their families once they became official. Their parents were filled with joy when they heard the news, as they thought the two were perfect for each there. In Gyo Jin’s father also had a heartwarming message to the couple during their wedding.

Here is the full video below!