Here Are 3 K-Pop Groups With No Official Positions For Their Members

Can you guess who they are?

K-Pop groups almost always have a representative member for each talent category. Leaders, vocalists, rappers, dancers, and visuals are the five main positions companies assign their trainees pre-debut. This helps the public distinguish the particular strengths of the singers, helping them gain recognition more quickly.

As the fourth generation of K-Pop begins, however, there are a few groups going against tradition. Rather than seeing positions as mandatory, their companies instead believe that their artists are too good to be molded into one spot.

Check out who these all-rounders down below!


LOONA is a twelve-member girl group from BLOCKBERRY Creative consisting of HaseulViviYvesJinSoulKim LipChuuHeejinHyunjinGo WonChoerryOlivia Hye and Yeojin.

As the first to debut on this list, they are also the first to attempt a position-less group. LOONA had a huge pre-debut project where all members released a solo song with a music video, proving their company’s faith in their all-rounded talents.

They officially debuted on August 20, 2018 with their title track “Hi High”.

Member Haseul is the leader of the group, making her the only one with an official role.

Member Heejin, meanwhile, has an unofficial position, being dubbed by Korean media as the “visual center” of the group for her beauty and skills.

She was the first in LOONA to be revealed to the public with her song “Vivid”, and she participated in Mixnine alongside Hyunjin.

2. TXT

TXT is a five-member boy group for Big Hit Entertainment that had massive pre-debut hype surrounding them due to BTS‘s popularity.

In response, the company was confident the boys could live up to this hype and make a name for themselves, so much so that they refused to set positions for the members.

SoobinBeomgyuTaehyun and Huening Kai instead delegate lines depending on the song, and the member’s roles change each comeback.

The only set position in the group is Soobin as leader.

Yeonjun explained that it is because of his dependable and kind personality.

They debuted on March 4, 2019 with “Crown”.

3. Rocket Punch

Lastly, Rocket Punch is a six-member girl group from Woollim Entertainment consisting of  Juri, Yeonhee, Suyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee, Dahyun.

They debuted on August 7, 2019 without any positions in the group. Their company wanted to highlight the member’s versatility this way.

Like Haseul and Soobin, Yeonhee is the only one in the group with an official role as leader.

Juri is also known as the most popular member for appearing on Produce 48 and being a high-ranking member of AKB48.

Their debut track “BIM BAM BUM” was a fun song that showcased their synchronized dancing and stable vocals.

All three groups, LOONA, TXT, and Rocket Punch, break K-Pop standards by refusing to set vocal, rap, and dance positions for the members. This way, the members’ talents are tested as everyone is expected to perform well in all areas.

Pretty cool, right?

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