The 3 K-Pop Groups Who Pioneered “Happy” Disbandments

The fans knew in advanced when they’d disband.

Most K-Pop groups disband for a variety of reasons, from their contract ending to sudden scandals. The end of many groups comes out of nowhere and fans can’t do anything to show their support besides offering positive comments online.

For these following groups, however, they gave their fans ample time to get used to their disbandment. They showed that there is a proper way for a group to stop promotions. Check them out below!


SISTAR was the first popular group to pioneer a seamless disbandment when they announced their plans to go their separate ways in 2017. Fans knew during promotions for “Lonely” that it would be SISTAR’s last comeback as a team.

Because of this, everyone was able to look back positively at their seven years as a group instead of feeling down about the end. Music shows gave SISTAR special goodbye stages, and their hits from year after year were performed again.

2. I.O.I

Produce 101 Season 1 was the first survival program where a temporary group was formed from the winners. Viewers were aware that I.O.I would only last for a short while, and they ended up halting promotions after roughly a year. Fans gave it their all from the first single, “Dream Girls”, to the last comeback, “Very Very Very”.

I.O.I was even gifted a goodbye song written by SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi, “Downpour”, that made for the most emotional moments in their concert.


Finally, WANNA ONE was another group who was able to end properly. As they also came from the Produce franchise, they had a limited albeit successful run together while knowing they would disband after 17 months.

They released hit after hit starting from “Energetic” and ending with “Spring Breeze”.

Wanna One takes home their first win for “Spring Breeze” | @wannaoneofficial/Twitter

WANNA ONE held their last stages in their Therefore concerts held over four days. Dedicated fans from around the world traveled to South Korea to send their bias group off.

As these three acts prove, the end of a K-Pop group does not have to be full of sadness. Fans can be given time to digest their group’s disbandment and shower the members with the love and gratitude they deserve.