These Are The 3 Most Likeable Male Actors, As Agreed By Koreans

They’ve got it all!

Being a celebrity means having to put up with anti-fans who never miss the opportunity to post malicious comments online. Luckily for some actors, they receive relatively little hate from netizens because of their likeable personalities and acting talent.

Here are some of the most likeable male actors in the industry because they rarely receive divided opinions from women!

1. Yoon Doojoon

Both an actor and Highlight‘s leader, the multi-talented Yoon Doojon is well-loved for his polite manners and playful personality. He is known for his roles in the dramas IRIS 2, Let’s Eat, and Radio Romance. Having been discharged from the military just earlier this month, fans are eagerly looking forward to his return to acting!

2. Lee Jehoon

Actor Lee Jehoon is a talented actor who has won many awards for the dramas and movies that he has starred in, such as Bleak Night, Secret Door, Signal, and Where Stars Land. His good looks and charming personality have made him popular among viewers. If you haven’t watched his latest movie with Ahn Jae Hong and Choi Woo Shik yet, it’s already available on Netflix! Just search for the movie Time To Hunt—you won’t be disappointed!

3. Gong Yoo

Having made a name for himself through the hit dramas Coffee Prince and Goblin, as well as the movies Train To Busan and Kim Ji Young: Born In 1982, Gong Yoo can easily be considered a crowd favorite. His handsome face and muscular body are often talked about by fans. After all, it’s amazing how good he looks at 40 years old!

Aside from these 3 actors, who else do you think should be on this list?

Source: theqoo