Here Are The 3 Male Idols With The Best Bodies In Real Life, As Picked By MONSTA X’s Shownu

Even other idols can’t deny it!

In a resurfaced clip of Shownu‘s appearance on Video Star, he revealed the three male idols with the best physiques in real life.

| ALL THE K-POP/Youtube

These idols have always been praised by fans for their unreal body proportions, and it turns out that even fellow celebrities acknowledge it!

Check them out below!

1. EXO’s Sehun

Sehun may be the maknae of EXO but his physique is anything but young.

He has broad shoulders that easily fill out a suit and make him look ten times more handsome.

Not to mention he has unbelievably handsome visuals!

2. BTS’s Jin

Nicknamed “Worldwide Handsome”, BTS‘s Jin definitely lives up to the hype.

ARMYs know him for his wide shoulders that seem to go on for miles.

It isn’t surprising that Shownu recognizes him as having one of the best bodies in real life!

3. Kang Daniel

Shownu’s last choice is no other than former WANNA ONE member Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel is well-known for his muscular build, so much so that he regularly garners the most votes in polls about best physiques!

With just one look at his photos, it’s easy to see why he’s so popular.

BONUS: Shownu

Yes, Shownu himself should be recognized as having one of the best bodies in K-Pop!

Like the aforementioned male idols, Shownu also boasts broad shoulders and a tiny face.

People seeing him for the first time may find themselves doing a double take!

Are you surprised by Shownu’s choices?

Source: theqoo