These Are The 3 Qualities That JYP Entertainment Looks For In Their Artists

Not just anyone can become a JYP Entertainment trainee.

JYP Entertainment has consistently been one of the top 3 companies in the K-Pop entertainment business for a long time. They boast some of the most successful artists in the industry — GOT7, TWICE, Stray Kids, ITZY, DAY6, and 2PM belong on their current list of active groups, and in the past, Wonder Girls, Miss A, Rain, and G.O.D served under their label.

With so much success, there’s no doubt that the recruiters under JYP Entertainment, including J.Y. Park himself, know what they’re doing when looking for new talent.

Of course, there are always the typical traits that any company will look for at auditions and while scouting for trainees. These include some kind of musical talent in singing, rapping, dancing, or a combination of the three. It’s also important to find someone with their own personal charisma or flair, and of course, good visuals have become increasingly important in recent times as well.

But along with these basic traits, J.Y. Park has stated himself that there are 3 other important things he looks for in new artists. These are what he has spoken about:

1. Truth

The first thing that they look for in an auditionee is their integrity. This means that the artist must stay true to themselves and who they are, without putting on a fake persona or “fronting”. This is one of the reasons that JYP Entertainment’s artists are so beloved by many, because fans can know that the idols are being true to their character and not just putting on a fake show!

2. Diligence

The second trait that the recruiters look for is diligence. Of course, being a trainee under any company is going to require a lot of determination and discipline, but JYP Entertainment is especially critical in not allowing in trainees that might be lazy or not put in their full effort. Diligence is definitely key into being successful as both a trainee and, eventually, as an idol as well.

3. Humility

And finally, the company also seeks artists that can be humble and have humility, despite being talented and special. There’s no room for bragging and boasting under JYP Entertainment, which helps artists to always constantly try to better themselves and fix their mistakes even though they may seem perfect to fans! Being humble is an important trait in many aspects of life, even (and especially) when a person is in the spotlight.

These are the three traits that JYP Entertainment is looking for in their trainees! It’s clearly not just about talent and skill, but they stress importance on a person’s character as well. No wonder the company’s artists have been so successful over their many years!

Source: Kpopmap