3 Random Bits Of TMI About NCT’s Shotaro That Will Have You Smiling

How adorable is he?

Ever since SM Entertainment announced the new members for NCT, Shotaro has been in the spotlight for his visuals and talent.

Online community boards have been posting non-stop about his top-tier dancing skills and stage presence as well as TMI’s about his height, what animal he looks like, and more! Let’s take a look at some fun TMIs about Shotaro!

1. Taller than you think

While some might think that he is short, he’s actually taller than you think with great body proportions too!

Although he may have a cute face, he actually stands at 178 cm (5”8) with most of it being legs.

2. Sense of fashion

Along with his great body proportions and height, he also has a good sense of fashion and is known for his great outfit styling!

3. Shotaro the otter

With many idols known to have animal look-alikes, it looks like Shotaro even admits that he looks like an otter. Even in the clip below you can hear him asking fans to use the otter emoticon for him!

What do you think? Do you think they look similar?

Either way, we love our cute Shotaro!

Oh and don’t forget to watch this fancam of Shotaro that has hit over 800,000 views in just three days!

Source: theqoo