3 Reasons So Many K-Pop Idols Become Actors

There are many benefits of being an actor.

It’s quite common for K-Pop idols to try out acting during their careers. A lot of these idols eventually pursue acting full-time when their respective group disbands. Here are a few reasons why this is.

Hwang Jung Eum (picture unrelated)

1. Money

A big reason why a lot of idols switch to acting is money. With the amount of K-Pop groups and idols active, it can be difficult finding success in the idol industry. A lot of idols choose to pursue acting since it gives them a chance to gain recognition and potential CFs. Also, idols don’t have to split their profits from acting projects with their respective group members, unlike most group activities.

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2. Some idols are a better fit as actors

Another reason could be that some idols are just fit better as actors rather than singers. Some idols find out that they enjoy acting more than music, and just don’t feel the same about music after many years of promoting.

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3. Longevity

Another reason why is longevity. The career of a K-Pop idol isn’t that long, as many groups only last for around 7 years before disbanding. K-Pop groups have to constantly fight with new groups, and it can difficult for idols to maintain their popularity for many years. The acting world is more “secure”, as actors don’t have to compete against their competition all the time like idols do. Acting also puts less stress on their bodies, as actors don’t have to constantly do intense performances.

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Source: Quora